Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Juicing Day 1 & Day 2 Recap

Morning lovelies!

Quick recap because I have A LOT of studying to do, unfortunately..

Day one was good. I woke up in the morning excited to finally start my cleanse, but still with a craving for my usual "solid" breakfast.


8:00AM- First Oil Pulling. Melted 1 Tbsp Organic Unrefined Cold Pressed Coconut Oil in a water bath over the stove & swooshed it around in my mouth for 20 minutes. It is best to do Oil Pulling first thing in the morning before eating or brushing your teeth, so I usually swoosh it around while I shower and begin to get ready to make the time go by faster.

8:20AM- Spit out the oil and rinsed my mouth out a few times with water. Never swallow the oil because one, eww.. & two, it is full of toxins that you want to get OUT so swallowing it would defeat the purpose.

8:30AM- Began juicing. Juicing does take some time and commitment because you have to wash all the veg/fruit and cut it up into pieces that will actually fit into the funnel above the juicer, but it is so worth it. Since it was Sunday I made all of my juices fresh right before drinking them. They taste best and retain the most nutrients when you drink them straight away after juicing.

8:40AM- Finally enjoying my first juice! I started the morning with a Mean Green Juice consisting of celery, cucumber, kale, apple, lemon & parsley. It was light, crisp & earthy. Exactly what I was looking for to energize my morning.

9:00AM- Quick tip, it is always good to brush your teeth really well when detoxing. Since you are using juice to get the toxins out, your breath can sometimes get a little.. well.. undesirable when you're in detox mode. Juicing = always carry a toothbrush.

11:00AM- First run on just juice. Felt light & pretty decent for 4 miles. Then came home to the request of homemade pancakes from my boyfriend.. Really? I mean, really? But honestly, it is probably a blessing that I still have to make him food when I'm on only juice. It's kind of ridiculous when you notice how much time you spend mindlessly munching on things when cooking/making meals or even between meals.

12:30PM- Juicy Juice time again! The new combo: orange, beet, cucumber, romaine, spinach, carrot lemon & parsley. Beet juices are my favorite! & beet naturally has an abundance of healing powers. For example: reduced blood pressure, helps anemia due to a high iron content, helps to regulate digestive system and metabolism, etc. etc. But you're never supposed to drink it plain. I guess it can make you go temporarily blind and stuff. No big deal... ;)

2:00PM- Remember there is a company party tonight at  People's Organic.. Beginning to wonder why I chose to start a juice fast today..... Of all days.

6:30PM- Arrive at the party we get 2 tickets for wine & prepared appetizers and entree.. No thanks, I will stick to the carbonated water..

9:30PM- 12 glasses of carbonated water later.. & I am on my way home. Feeling pretty proud of myself for eating nothing at the party.  Two pats on the back for little Juju.

10:00PM- Sipping on my final juice: broccoli, loads of kale, apple, carrot, cucumber & lemon. When I was gone Alex happened to burn a cookie in the microwave.. Thanks babe, now all I crave is a cookie. Of the non-burnt variety of course..

Final thoughts on day one: Great! I wasn't hungry all day & only had one "food craving". Learning to not snack snack snack my way through the day & to drink more water. So far, so good! :)


6:00AM- Up & Oil Pulling.

6:20AM- Eww.. Need to spit out this stuff.

6:25AM- Juicing time. This mornings variety? Lots of kale, celery, rainbow chard, lemon, beet, orange & a wittle bitty carrot. Feeling very awake & excited for another day of juicing!

10:30AM- The BF & I both happened to get out of class a half hour early so a coffee date was required, of course. Got my soy latte.. A little latte never hurt anyone right?

1:30PM- Home from the grocery store with more goodies. I still had plenty of supplies at home, but I couldn't help myself. ;) Time for Juice Two! A deep green earthy beauty she was. Flowing kale, cucumber, green pepper, pineapple, carrot, cilantro, lemon & broccoli. Can't decide if it is the cilantro or the flowering kale that gives this juice it's green greeniness.. Perhaps both.

First, flowering kale is gorgeous. Second.. I purposely picked the goofiest looking carrots.. Because I could.

6:45PM- C2 Class at CorePower Yoga! (aka- advanced hot yoga class) It felt amazing! I love me some hot yoga, but last night I felt particularly light and flexible.

Yep. Full of energy I was indeed.

8:45PM- Time to make juice 3! I am amazed with myself. I am the girl who eats on a schedule. Wake up- breakfast. Noon- lunch. 5PM- guess it's dinner time. But since I've been juicing I've been much more flexible & frankly, just not hungry a lot of the time!

11:30PM- Slightly hungry, but it is finally bed time... & I'm too lazy to make another juice.. ;)

Thoughts on day two: today was great! After my lunchtime juice my energy was skyrocketing. I felt light & powerful all day.

Now off to Juicy Juice Cleanse- Day 3!

(Pst.. For those who reeeeally want to know.. I've already dropped 4.5 pounds. Bonus!) ;)

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